MeliaPalooza: An Immersive Experience

Melia Hotels & Resorts Industry Event

Alliance Connection concepted, coordinated and produced a premiere, turnkey industry event for Meliã Hotels & Resorts by sharing their story in a way that encouraged attendees to become brand ambassadors and thereby drive sales through immersive brand activations, product unveilings, surprise and delight moments, exclusive attendee offerings and interactive educational elements.

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Memorable Moments Signature Wedding Collection™

Custom-designed Wedding Collection for Karisma Hotels & Resorts

An all-encompassing project that included designing the collection, sourcing the product, coordinating the photo shoot, creating the website and marketing collateral, securing partners for cross-promotions, overseeing the program's launch event and more!

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Music Lab

Camp Jam and Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive Collection come together to deliver the Music Lab Experience!

Guests are transformed to rock star status when they participate in Jam Band, RockTube, Spin Session and lay some tracks in Studio Time at the Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive Collection.

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Palmera Lounge

20°87° launched two new entertainment shows that immerse guests in a new experience at their Palmera Lounge.

20°87° went above and beyond the typical resort entertainment programming and launched two immersive experiences for guests at their Palmera Lounge. With local talent there is a salsa spin on top hit songs as well as a variety show that tells a story through song and dance.

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