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9 Reasons To Host A Social Media Summit At Your Hotel

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Apr 12, 2022 3:25:38 PM

From saturating new audiences and amplifying your brand story, to bringing to life unique brand experiences, social media summits help you capture bookings, not just likes.

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Romantic Destinations For Every Traveler

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Feb 14, 2022 9:57:57 AM

Love is in the air, and we’re celebrating by swooning over some of our favorite romantic destinations for two.

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Exclusive Hotel and Resort Experiences That Wow Your Most Valued Customers

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Jan 12, 2022 4:57:59 PM

Whether you’re looking to reach resort guests, vacation club members, high value casino customers or even media professionals, these limited edition programming and exclusive experiences will do the trick.

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Our 12 Favorite Marketing Moments Of 2021

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Dec 13, 2021 9:32:00 AM

While 2021 brought on many shifts in the landscape, it also brought along many standout marketing moments. From exciting promotional partnerships and branded experiences to new travel brands, here are our top marketing moments of the year. 

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Marketing Trends That Are Here To Stay in 2022

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Nov 23, 2021 9:16:48 AM

As we turn a new corner in 2022, marketers can amplify their strategies by leveraging these proven marketing trends that are to stay.

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Level Up Your Marketing Strategy With Travel Partnerships

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Nov 11, 2021 1:57:58 PM

Looking for ways to level up your marketing strategy with travel partnerships? Here are some ideas that will help you drive business growth, increased loyalty and customer acquisition.

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5 Low Cost, High-Impact On-Air Placements You Need In Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Nov 5, 2021 11:42:04 AM

While it can cost big bucks to get your brand on-air in front of millions of eyeballs or listeners nationwide, there are other ways to get it done without breaking the bank or your budget. We uncover five ways to break through this coveted space at a fraction of the cost of a media buy.

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How To Measure Influencer Marketing: 7 Must-Have Indicators of Success

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Oct 21, 2021 10:04:52 AM

While impressions and reach are standard measurements of influencer marketing, a more analytical approach will help you measure true success with your campaigns and optimize performance. From overall growth to sales, and everything in between, we look at 7 important indicators of influencer marketing success.

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Unclaimed Marketing Advantages: The Trick To Getting More For Less

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Oct 14, 2021 1:54:56 PM

How do you get more for less? That’s the question that’s on every travel marketer’s mind as they are tasked to come up with reimagined marketing strategies despite limited resources and budgets. Read along as we dive into marketing opportunities you can leverage today to maximize your marketing investment.

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Beyond The Press Release: How To Evolve Your PR Strategy

Posted by Alliance Connection, Inc. on Sep 28, 2021 1:33:51 PM

Whether you’re in planning mode for the next year, or pivoting your direction based on your shifting business demands, it’s always a good time to freshen up your PR strategy. Find out what it means to go beyond the press release and create a truly robust public relations plan that maximizes your results.

By Dana Baasiri 

A press release isn’t the only way to tell your brand story. There, we said it. Does that mean press releases are going away entirely? Not necessarily. The press release isn’t dead, and it still serves a purpose. However, the landscape has evolved tremendously and with the emergence of new channels, a PR strategy must go beyond just the press release in order to maximize your reach, impressions and business growth.  

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